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“Pursue what catches your heart, not what catches your eyes.”

-Roy T. Bennett

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Ascendants Chronicals


A black-ops agency discovers hieroglyph-covered pyramids on Jupiter's moon Callisto. The government forcibly taps rebel archeologist Kaden Jaxx with only two instructions: 1) decode the ancient writings and 2) keep his overactive mouth shut...or else. But what if the writing spells out an ancient prophecy for Earth’s doom?

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Brandon Ellis is an Amazon Best Selling author. Click Here to Read more

I thoroughly enjoyed this version of The star guild saga having read the original books 1 to 10, the author has improved the story no end and I would highly recommend this book,

To have the characters experience flashbacks and to weave a story of remembrance around a space faring race! To uncover a species wide lie and to set the main story around a small group remembering, I hope this develops into a great series as well as a great first book!

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